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Titanic is categorized as an Olympic-class ocean liner. She weighed in at 46,328 gross register tons or GRT.
The water displacement caused by the ship is 52,310 tons!
Titanic was 882 ft. 9 in. (269.1 m.) long, and 175 ft. (53.3 m.) tall, measuring from her keel to the top of the funnels.
She had 9 decks labeled A – G. Titanic was powered by 24 double-ended (six furnace) and 5 single-ended (three furnace) Scotch marine boilers.
She had two outboard wing propellers turning at 75 R.P.M.
And two 4 cylinder steam engines each producing 15,000 hp.
She was capable of going 21 knots (24 mph) to 23 knots (26 mph) which was VERY fast for that time period.
Titanic was propelled by 2 triple-blade wing propellers made of bronze and 1 bronze quadruple-blade center propeller.
Although they were treated like 2nd class citizens, and their berths and appointments weren’t near as luxurious as the other passengers, the 3rd class passengers were where White Star Line actually made the most profit.
When fully loaded, Titanic could house 2,453 Total passengers including:
833 First Class Passengers
614 Second Class Passengers
1006 Third Class Passengers
Titanic had 20 lifeboats with a total capacity of 1178 people. Not nearly enough for the 2201 passengers on board for her maiden voyage.
The Olympic and the Titanic

The great ships under construction

The photo above is of the Titanic under construction along side her sister ship the Olympic.


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