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The Titanic’s designers were: Lord Pirrie, who worked for both Harland & Wolff and White Star, architect Thomas Andrews (who previously worked for the Navy) and Alexander Carlisle – the chief draftsman and general manager. Carlisle was resp…onsible for the appointments, equipment, and for the design of an effective lifeboat launching system. Carlisle would leave the project in 1910, to work full time with his davit design.
Construction was funded by J.P. Morgan, and began on March 31, 1909. Titanic’s hull was launched at 12:13 pm on May 31, 1911, and was completed by March 31, 1912.
A large piece of the hull, which was retrieved from the ocean floor a few years ago, shows that the iron and steel used to make Titanic had weak spots and was generally of low quality.  The rivets that were used to hold the gigantic steel plates to the hull itself, were not counter sunk. Some experts believe that it was these rivets were sheered off by the iceberg, creating vulnerable spots in Titanic’s hull.  There are other experts who strongly disagree with these findings.
Titanic's huge propellers

Titanic's gigantic propellers



The image above is of Titanic’s huge propellers.  The men in the foregound are some of the crewmen working on the great ship.  They are standing in the foreground to give the photograph some scale.


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