Titanic had a top speed of 23 knots, or 26 mph   Leave a comment

The Titanic was licensed to carry 3547 persons, passengers and crew.

Only three of the four 62 foot tall funnels were actually functional. The 4th was added to make the ship look more impressive.

There were 29 boilers and 159 coal furnaces that gave Titanic a top speed of 23 knots or 26 mph.

Titanic’s tiller had rack and pinion steering!  As a last ditch effort, they could manually turn the tiller by ropes, with steam powered capstans.

Titanic’s engines could be disengaged and slid back when not in use.

Titanic's Engines

The great engines required to power the gigantic ship

The photo above shows Titanic’s engines.


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