Mr. Thomsom Beattie survives the sinking, but succombs to the North Atlantic   Leave a comment

Name: Mr. Thomson Beattie

Born: Thursday, November 25, 1875 in Fergus,Ontario

Age: 36 years 4 months and 21 days

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Landowner

1st Class passenger

First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912

Ticket No. 13050 , £75 4s 10d ($118.93)

Died in the sinking

Body recovered by: Oceanic

Buried: at Sea


Mr. Beattie was a wealthy land owner from Ontario, Canada. He took a winter vacation with two friends to France. When one of his co-travelers fell ill, they decided to return home via the Titanic. He wrote a letter to his mother just 3 days before he set sail saying, “We are changing ships and coming home in a new, unsinkable boat.”

During the sinking, he took one of the last spots on lifeboat “Collapsible A”. This lifeboat was found by the Oceanic about 186 miles southeast of where Titanic went down. All three men in the boat had died of exposure.

Ironically, Mr. Beattie’s body was buried at sea (by the Oceanic) on his mother’s birthday, and at almost the same spot in the Atlantic where she had been born, 82 years earlier, on a ship bound for Canada.

Mr. Thomson Beattlie

He survived the sinking, but died later in his lifeboat.




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