Jack Borebank’s body was never recovered, or remains unidentified   Leave a comment

Name: John James Borebank
Born: 1870
Age: 42
Last Residence: London, England
Occupation: Property Developer / Real Estate   Broker
1st Class passenger
Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket No. 110489, £26 11s ($40.83)
Cabin Number: D22
Died in the sinking /Body Not Recovered


Mr. John James Borebank, also known as “Jack” to his friends, was a successful real estate broker, working out of the Quebec Bank building on King Street in Toronto.

Mr. Borebank, along with his wife Isabel, and 8 year old daughter Eileen, toured Europe before signing Eileen up for a school she was to attend in England.  Mrs. Borebank and Eileen remained in England, while Mr. Borebank booked travel back to Canada via the Titanic.

His parents and siblings – living in Toronto at the time, received word of John’s demise just 4 days after the sinking.  Mr. Borebank’s remains were never identified.



Mr. Borebank had been in England to enroll his 8 year old daughter in school. His daughter and wife remained in England while Jack booked passage back to his native Canada via the Titanic.


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