The Cardezas’ fare equals around $20,353.25 in todays terms!   Leave a comment

Name: Mrs.   Charlotte Wardle Cardeza

& her son   Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza
Born:  Monday, April   10, 1854 & Monday, May   10, 1875
Age: 58 years & 36 years
Last Residence: Pennsylvania, PA
1st Class passengers
First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket No. 17755, £512 6s 7d ($814.13)
Cabin #: B51/53/55
Rescued in lifeboat #3
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912
Died: August 1939 & Friday, June 6, 1952
Cause of Death: Heart Failure & Natural causes
Buried: side by side at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Pennsylvania, PA


Mr. Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza, 36, his mother Mrs. Charlotte Wardle Cardeza, 58, along with his servant Gustave Lesueur, stayed in one of the 3 most luxurious & expensive suites on board the Titanic.  The fare they paid of $814.13 equals about $20,353.25 in today’s terms. That is still considered expensive, even for today!

Mr. Cardeza, his mother and the servants were rescued in lifeboat 3.

Mrs. Cardeza died of heart failure in August 1939 and Mr. Cardeza died in June 1952; he was buried beside his mother at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Pennsylvania.


Mrs. Cardeza and her son onboard Titanic

Mrs. Cardeza and her son onboard Titanic


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