The Carter family survive the disaster   2 comments


Mr. William Ernest Carter  Born: Saturday, June 19, 1875 Age: 36 years

Mrs. Lucile Carter (née Polk)  Born: Friday, October 8, 1875  Age: 36 years

Miss Lucile Polk Carter  Born: Thursday, October 20, 1898   Age: 13 years

Master William Thornton II Carter  Born: Friday ,September 14, 1900   Age: 11 years
Last Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket #: 113760, £120 or $190.40 each, which is $76,160 in today’s terms
Cabin Number: B96/98
Rescued in lifeboat #C and #4
Disembarked Carpathia in New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912

A resident of Pennsylvania, the Carter family boarded the Titanic at Southampton as first class passengers. They held ticket number 113760, which cost £120; $76,160 in today’s terms! The family occupied cabins B-96 and 98. Aboard with the Carter family, were Mrs. Carter’s maid Auguste Serreplan, Mr. Carter’s attendant Alexander Cairns and, travelling in second class, the Carter’s chauffeur Charles Aldworth.

In the forward hold of the Titanic, was Carter’s 25 horsepower Renault automobile. It is listed as a case so it might not have been fully assembled. He also brought with him two dogs. He would later claim $5000 for the car and $100 and $200 for the dogs.

On the night of April 14, the Carters were at a dinner party held in honor of Captain Smith in the à la carte restaurant. The host was George Widener and the party was attended by many first class passengers..

When William Carter saw his family safely into lifeboat #4 he joined Harry Widener and tried to board a boat before they were all gone. But Harry replied that he would rather take a chance and stay on the ship. It was an unfortunate decision that cost Mr. Widener his life.

Somewhere around 2 a.m. Mr. Carter was standing near the officer’s quarters, where lifeboats C and D had been freed and were being loaded. At one point a group of men tried to force their way onto lifeboat C, and Purser Herbert McElroy fired his pistol and stopped the men from getting on the lifeboats. He continued loading women and children into the lifeboats, but before it was full there were no more women and children waiting. As the boat was being lowered partially empty, Mr. Carter and another man, Joseph Bruce Ismay, stepped in.

Mr. Carter’s lifeboat arrived at the Carpathia before his family and waited on the deck for his wife and children. When their lifeboat arrived William did not recognize his son under a big ladies hat, Some say that John Jacob Astor had placed the hat on the boy and explained that he was a girl and should be allowed into the boat. But other sources claim that it was his mother who put the hat on him, in response to Chief Second Steward George Dodd’s order that no more boys were to enter the boat.

William Carter lived until 1985, and often refused to talk about the tragedy.  Not because of the devastation or loss of life, but because he was traumatized at the loss of his dog, an airedale terrier. The dog was not permitted to get on the lifeboat with the rest of the family.  Colonel Astor told young William that he would take care of the dog and the last he saw of his beloved dog was John Jacob Astor holding the dog’s leash. This could be why the rumor started that Astor released all the dogs from the ship’s kennels.

Mr. William E. Carter

Mr. William E. Carter survives the disaster


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  1. Where did you find this information? I really need it.

    • I used numerous sources and complied information for these articles. I do not recall all the sources, but if I knew which bit of information you are specifically interested in, I might be able to find the source for you. I am certainly willing to try. Thanks for reading!

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