The Newell sisters survive, but their father wasn’t as fortunate   Leave a comment

Name: Mr. Newell and his daughters

Mr. Arthur Webster Newell

Born: Monday. January 30, 1854

Age: 58 years

Died in the sinking.

Body recovered by: Mackay-Bennett #122

Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge, Massachusetts


Miss Madeleine Newell

Born: Sunday, October 10, 1880

Age: 31 years

Rescued in lifeboat #6

Disembarked: New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912

Died: Friday, April 25, 1969


Miss Marjorie Anne Newell

Born: Tuesday, February 12, 1889

Age: 23 years

Rescued in lifeboat #6

Disembarked: New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912

Died: Thursday, June 11, 1992


Last Residence: in Lexington, Massachusetts

1st Class passengers

First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday, April 10, 1912

Ticket Numbers: 35273, £113 5s 6d ($179.33) $ 71,732 in today’s terms

Cabin No.: D48 & D36


Mr. Newell and his daughters Madeline and Marjorie were returning from a trip to the Middle East when they boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg. The sisters occupied cabin D-36, while their father was in D-48.

Late on the night of April 14th, Marjorie was awakened by a large vibration. Her father asked her and her sister to dress warmly and go out on the boat deck. After seeing one lifeboat safely launched, Mr. Newell placed them in the next lifeboat, #6. He died in the sinking, and his body was recovered and identified. The following is the entry recorded regarding his remains:

NO. 122 MALE. ESTIMATED AGE, 60. GREY IMPERIAL & MOUSTACHE CLOTHING – Black suit; white shirt; black boots EFFECTS – Gold watch and chain; signet ring; gold cuff links; solitaire diamond ring; fountain pen; keys; knife; four gold studs; 8s. in silver; 6 pounds; 103 francs; $2.96; letter case containing $31.00; check for $35.00; diary; pocket book with initials “A.W.N.”; His business card with name and address. FIRST CLASS NAME – A. W. NEWELL

Later in her life Marjorie began to speak of the night of the tragedy. When Marjorie was 97, she was giving public speeches about Titanic and the sinking. She shared the memories of the ship’s final hours. “I’ll never forget the screams of the drowning. It was absolutely terrible.” She said, frequently losing her composure. She later said that she made these speeches mainly out of respect for her father. His final moments and courage were vivid in her memory.

Marjorie Newell passed away quietly in her sleep on June 11, 1992, at the age of 103. She was the oldest living first-class survivor of the tragedy and was buried with her family at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

The oldest living 1st class survivor of the Titanic tragedy

She was the last and oldest first-class survivor of the tragedy when she died at 103 years old.


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