Mrs. Straus refused to board a lifeboat, instead choosing to die by her husband’s side   Leave a comment

Name: Isidor Straus

Born: Thursday, February 6, 1845

Age: 67 years

Last Residence: in New York City, New York

Occupation: Businessman

1st Class passenger

First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912

Ticket No. 17483 , £221 15s 7d ($351.37) or $140,548 in today’s terms!

Cabin No.: C55

Died in the sinking.

Body recovered by: Mackay-Bennett (No. 96)

Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery Bronx, New York


Name: Rosalie Ida Straus (née Blun)

Born: Tuesday, February 6, 1849 in Worms Hessen, Germany

Age: 63 years 2 months and 9 days.

Died in the sinking. Body Not Recovered.


Isidor Straus was born in Bavaria on the 6th of February 1845. In 1854 he moved to the US with his family, to the town of Talbotton, Georgia. Straus’ father, Lazarus, established a dry-goods business called “L. Straus & Company.” and Isidor worked as a clerk in the store, according to the 1860 census.. He attended college at the Collinsworth Institute in Talbotton. In 1862, the the family moved to Columbus, where his father opened another business location. During the civil war, Isidor worked for a company that was involved in blockade running for the Confederate States. After the war, Isidor moved to New York with his brother Nathan, and they became involved in the firm of R.H. Macy & Company, becoming owners of the firm in 1896. In addition, he also served as a Congressman for New York from 1895 – 1897.

In April of 1912 Isidor, his wife Ida and their daughter, Beatrice, travelled to Europe on the liner Amerika. They preferred to travel by German steamer wherever possible.

Mr. & Mrs. Straus boarded the Titanic at Southampton, with Isidor’s manservant, John Farthing, and Ida’s maid, Ellen Bird. Their daughter remained behind. The Straus’s occupied cabins C-55 to C57, which cost £221 15s 7d, $351.37 at the time, with a relative value today of an astonishing $140,548!

Ida Straus was preparing to get in Lifeboat #8, but she refused and rejoined her husband saying, “We have lived together for many years. Where you go, I go.” Colonel Gracie and other friends tried to persuade her to get into a lifeboat, but she steadfastly refused to leave her husband’s side. Mr. and Mrs. Straus were last seen sitting together on a pair of deck chairs.

Mrs. Straus’ body was never recovered. The body of Mr. Straus was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett as body #96. The following is the information they noted after finding his remains:

NO. 96 – MALE – ESTIMATED AGE, 65 – FRONT GOLD TOOTH (Partly) – GREY HAIR AND MOUSTACHE CLOTHING – Fur-lined overcoat; grey trousers, coat and vest; soft striped shirt; brown boots; black silk socks. EFFECTS – Pocketbook; gold watch; platinum and pearl chain; gold pencil case; silver flask; silver salts bottle; £40 in notes; £4 2s 3d in silver. FIRST CLASS – NAME – ISADOR STRAUSS

40,000 people attended the couple’s memorial service, which was held in New York City. Eulogies were read by Andrew Carnegie, among others. Two years later a second memorial service was held when Straus Square opened on Broadway and 107th Street.   A Freshman Dormitory at Harvard (Straus Hall) is named after the couple.


Mr. & Mrs. Isidor Straus

Mr. & Mrs. Isidor Straus


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