Sadly, 2nd class children were among Titanic’s victims   Leave a comment

It is no secret that 2nd and 3rd class passengers suffered the most casualties when the Titanic went down.  Sadly, those ill-fated passenger classes included children.  This list includes the 2nd class young – those under 20 – who, sadly, lost their lives.

Percy Andrew Bailey, age 15

William Carbines, age 19

William Dibden, age 18

Arne Joma Fahlstrøm, age 18

Joseph Charles Fillbrook, age 18

Alfred Gaskell, age 16

Marta Hiltunen, age 18

Thomas Charles Mudd, age 16

Joseph Charles Nicholls, Age 19

Francis “Frank” Parkes, age 18

Frederick William Pengelly, age 19

Reginald Harry Rogers, age 18

George Swane, age 19

George Frederick Sweet, age 14

Ennis Hastings Watson, age 15


Of the 285 2nd class passengers on board, 168 were men, 93 were women and 24 were children.


118 2nd class passengers survived the disaster, including 14 men, 80 women and 24 children.


This photo is the 2nd class passenger menu for April 11, 1912

Menu for April 11, 1912

2nd Class Menu


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