The Laroche family are the only black people aboard the Titanic   Leave a comment

Born in Haiti, Mr. Joseph Laroche, met Juliette Lafargue, and married her in 1908 in France. The couple had two daughters, Simonne & Louise. Their younger daughter was born prematurely and suffered many medical problems.

While racial discrimination prevented Joseph Laroche from obtaining a lucrative job in France, and the family needed more money for little Louise’s medical bills, they had to move to America. The hope was that jobs would be better paying there for engineers.

The family planned to leave for America in 1913. However, in March of 1912, Juliette discovered that she was again pregnant. They decided to leave before her pregnancy prevented travel. Joseph’s mother bought them steamship tickets on the La France, but the ship’s policies regarding children caused them to transfer their tickets to the Titanic, in 2nd class.

Mr. Laroche, the only black passenger on the Titanic, did not survive the sinking. His wife and two daughters were saved in lifeboat #10.

On August 8, 1973, Simonne died at the age of 64.

Juliette died at age 91 in 1980. On her gravestone is engraved: “Juliette Laroche 1889-1980, wife of Joseph Laroche, lost at sea on RMS Titanic, April 15th 1912.”

Louise passed away quietly in Paris on January 28, 1998 at the age of 87. She was 21 months old when she was rescued from the sinking Titanic.

The LaRoche Family

The LaRoche Family were the only black people onboard the Titanic


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