3rd class passengers aboard Titanic have the lowest survival rate   Leave a comment

Titanic had 2214 passengers on board for her ill-fated maiden voyage.  Of those 2214 passengers, only 705 survived.. that is only a 31% survival rate!

Of those passengers, 699 were 3rd class or steerage passengers.  Sadly, only 172 of those passengers survived, a staggering 527 people lost their lives that night.  The survival rate of a steerage person was around 25%.  The 3rd class passengers were the hardest hit as far as deaths are concerned.

There were 440 men in 3rd class, and of those only 59 survived. 381 men lost their lives on the ship, a shocking survival rate of only 13%.

There were 179 women in steerage.  88 of these women survived, leaving 91 who succumbed to the icy waters of the north Atlantic.

There were 80 children in steerage, with only 25 of them surviving.  55 children died in the tragedy.  They ranged in age from 4 months up. The thought of a 4 month old baby plunging into those freezing waters, is horrific.

Because there were so many 3rd class passengers, I am going to concentrate on the youngest victims, and in a few cases, the family they traveled with.


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