While their father waited on their arrival in America, the Palsson family perished during the sinking   Leave a comment

Name: Stina Viola Palsson

Born: Friday, June 19, 1908

Age: 3 years old

Last Residence: Sweden

3rd Class passenger

First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912

Ticket No. 349909 , £21 1s 6d  ($33.36)

Destination: Chicago, Illinois

Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered


Stina Viola Palsson, 3 years old, was travelling to Chicago with her mother Nils Palsson and siblings Torborg, Paul, and Gosta. They were to join their father, Nils, who had moved to the United States two years before the rest of the family. The Palsson’s boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

Sadly, the whole family died in the sinking, and their bodies, if recovered, were never identified. Hopefully the family was able to stay together until the very end.


Family travelling on the same ticket:

Alma Cornelia Palsson, age 29

Gosta Leonard Palsson, age 2

Paul Folke Palsson, age 6

Torborg Danira Palsson, age 8


Palssons family photo

Palssons family photo


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