After losing her husband to the American railway, the Rice family lost everyone on the Titanic   Leave a comment

Name: Margaret Rice (née Norton)
Born: Sunday, October 6, 1872
Age: 39 years
Last Residence: in Athlone, Westmeath, Ireland
3rd Class passenger
First Embarked: Queenstown on Thursday, April 11, 1912
Ticket No. 382652, £29 2s 6d ($45.90)
Destination: Spokane, Washington
Died in the sinking
Body recovered by: Mackay-Bennett (# 12)
Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on Friday, May 3, 1912

Mrs. William Rice (Margaret Norton) was born in Ireland in 1872. She was 19 years old when she married William Rice. Mr. Rice was to become a shipping clerk with the Grand Trunk Railway in Canada. After their first child was born, they moved to Montréal and George Hugh Rice was born in Canada in 1902.  Their first born son choked to death on a pacifier at some point after George’s birth.

The family moved to Spokane, Washington in 1909, where William worked for the Great Northern Railroad as a machinist. In 1910 William Rice was killed in a train accident. Mrs. Rice collected a substantial settlement and returned to Ireland with the boys. In 1912 she had decided to move back to Spokane, and the family purchased tickets on the Titanic.

After Titanic struck the iceberg, a 3rd class passenger named Bertha Mulvihill saw Margaret Rice holding Eugene with the rest of the children holding on to her skirt. The entire family perished in the tragedy, and only Margaret’s body was recovered.

Margaret’s body was recovered by the MacKay Bennett and the following details were noted:


CLOTHING – Black velvet coat; jacket and skirt; blue   cardigan; black apron; black boots and stockings.

EFFECTS – Wedding ring; keeper, and another gold; locket   and photo; one jet one bead Necklace; gold brooch in bag; £3 in gold; £4 in   Irish notes; gold broach; plain gold wag earrings; charm round neck; B. V. M.   ; false teeth in upper jaw; £10 note; box pills.


12 Female – Height, 5 ft. 5 in.; Weight, 140 lbs.
about 40
, black, turning grey
False Upper Teeth
Buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax, N.S.
Shoes marked “Parsons Sons, Athlone”; medallion round neck marked   “B.V.M.”; wore wedding ring, keeper and another gold ring; locket   and photo; one jet and one bead necklace.

She was identified as Catholic by her rosary beads and as Margaret Rice by the box of pills prescribed on April 9th of 1912. She was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Family Members travelling on the same ticket:
Albert Rice, age 10 – Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered
George Hugh Rice, age 8 – Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered
Eric Rice, age 7 – Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered
Arthur Rice, age 4 – Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered
Eugene Francis Rice, age 2 – Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered


The Rice Family

The Rice Family


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