The Peter family survived the sinking but had misfortune in America   Leave a comment

Name: Catherine Peter, Born: 1889
Age: 24 years
Last Residence: Lebanon
3rd Class passenger
First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket No. 2668, £22 7s 2d  ($34.84)
Destination: Detroit, Michigan
Rescued in lifeboat #C
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912
Died: Saturday, June 19, 1915


Catherine Peter, 24 years old, was married to Joseph Peter in 1907. The couple relocated to Detroit, Michigan, where they had 2 children, Michael and Mary Anna.

In 1912 Joseph sent his wife and children back to Lebanon while he got settled in America. Catherine had tuberculosis as well, and the Lebanese climate would be better for her.

By April 1912, Joseph was doing better financially, and Catherine planned to return to Detroit. She and the children boarded a freighter in Beirut, which took them to Marseilles. They arrived shortly after at Cherbourg, where they boarded the Titanic as third class passengers.

On the night of the sinking Catherine dressed her children in warm clothes and headed towards the boat deck. At some point, Catherine lost contact with her son Michael and the family ended up in separate lifeboats. They were all reunited later on the Carpathia, where she was no doubt, beside herself to see her son safe.

In years after the disaster the Joseph family had a streak of bad luck. Catherine had another baby, who died not long after his birth. In 1914 her daughter Mary died in a house fire.

Catherine died in Detroit, Michigan in 1915, from the tuberculosis that she brought with her to America. Joseph died in 1920.

Other family members of the same ticket:

Michael   J. Peter, age 4

Anna   Peter, age 2


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