A last minute itinerary change put Mr. Rosblom’s family on the Titanic   2 comments

Name: Helena Wilhelmina Rosblom
Born: Friday, April 22, 1870
Age: 41 years
Married to Viktor Rosblom
Last Residence: Kolla, Finland
3rd Class passenger
First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket No. 37012, £20 4s 3d ($31.76)
Destination: Astoria, Oregon
Died in the sinking/Body Not Recovered


Helena Wilhelmina Rosblom lived in Kolla, Rauma, Finland. She left her home on March 23rd to join her husband, who was already living in Oregon. Wilhelmina was travelling with her oldest son Viktor and her daughter Salli, 2 years old. Her middle child Eino, age 10, had absolutely refused to “go with them to drown” and was left in Rauma, Finland.

Salli got ill just as they reached Southampton, and they postponed the original trip and then finally booked passage on the Titanic. The change in itinerary information did not reach Mr. Rosblom for another 2 weeks. When his family did not arrive in Astoria on time, he made a few phone calls and eventually found out they had died.

Their son Eino, still in Rauma was informed of their demise on June 8th via telegram. £100 in compensation was paid to Mr. Rosblom. The bodies of Helena and her children were never found.


Family members travelling on the same ticket:

Miss Salli Helena Rosblom, age 2 – Died in the sinking/ Body Not Recovered
Mr Viktor Richard Rosblom, age 18 – Died in the sinking/ Body Not Recovered


2 responses to “A last minute itinerary change put Mr. Rosblom’s family on the Titanic

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  1. Out of all the Sad Stories And Intriging Family backgrounds of Ones who’s lives were lost on the R.M.S Titanic, The Rosboms of Rauma, Finland to Astoria, Oregans Family story and days leading up to April 12, 1912 are most intriging. thank you for posting this. i look forward to learning more research and ancestory on the Rosboms. 🙂

  2. If you don’t mind, come back and post a reply with the information you find. I find their story both sad and intriguing as well. Does your research show their surname to be Rosbom? Because my sources spell it Rosblom, but they have been wrong before. Thanks for reading!

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