Titanic’s first day of work – 100 years ago today   Leave a comment

April 10, Wednesday – Sailing Day:
7:30 AM: Captain Edward J. Smith boards Titanic with full crew. Officers have spent the night on board. Smith receives sailing report from Chief Officer Wilde.
8:00 AM: Entire crew mustered, followed by brief lifeboat drill using only two starboard boats, No’s 11 and 15.
9:30 to 11:30 AM: Second-and-third-class boat-trains arrive and passengers board ship.
11:30 AM: Arrival of first-class boat-train from London at dockside. First-class passengers board and are escorted to cabins.
Noon: Titanic casts off and is towed from dock by tugs.
During downstream passage into River Test under her own steam, the water displaced by Titanic’s movement causes all six mooring ropes on the New York to break and her stern to swing toward Titanic. Quick action narrowly averts a collision by only four feet. Departure delayed for an hour. This incident (along with the Olympic-Hawke collision) indicates unfamiliarity with ships of this size by those handling them.
1:00 PM: Titanic resumes 24-mile trip downstream to English Channel en route to Cherbourg, France.

4:00 PM: Boat-train from Paris arrives Cherbourg. Late arrival announced.
5:30 PM: Cherbourg – passengers finally board tenders and wait to be ferried out to Titanic.
6:30 PM: Titanic rides at anchor in Cherbourg harbor, all lights ablaze. Twenty-two cross-Channel passengers disembark, and some cargo is unloaded.
8:00 PM: 274 Cherbourg passengers are all aboard and tenders return to shore.
8:10 PM: Anchor raised and Titanic leaves for Queenstown, Ireland, taking her through the English Channel and around England’s south coast.


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