Thursday, April 11, 1912 – 100 years ago today   Leave a comment

Morning: Capt. Smith takes Titanic through some additional practice turns on her way to Queenstown to test her maneuverability.
11:30 AM: Titanic drops anchor in Queenstown harbor, about two miles out. 113 3rd class and seven 2nd class passengers come on board from tenders, along with 1385 bags of mail. Seven lucky passengers leave the Titanic.

1:30 PM: The anchor is raised for the last time and Titanic leaves on her first (and last) Atlantic crossing, headed for New York harbor. The estimated number of souls on board is somewhere around 2227. (The exact total is unknown because of discrepancies in the passenger & crew counts.)


Captian Edward J. Smith

Captian Edward J. Smith


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