Of the estimated 2227 passengers onboard Titanic, only 705 survived   Leave a comment

Out of a total 2227 passengers and crew aboard Titanic, only 705 people survived. 3 of the survivors died after being rescued by the Carpathia. These numbers are an estimate, as there are no passenger lists that are believed to be 100% accurate.

I can’t imagine sitting in the water nearby listening to those that were not allowed in a lifeboat die in the freezing water.  They wouldn’t have to listen for long, water that cold works in a matter of minutes.  Four lifeboats were condensed together and one boat returned to search for survivors.

It is not certain how many were rescued from the water after Titanic sank, but these names have been suggested as potential candidates:

W.F. Hoyt, 1st class passenger
Mr. Fang Lang, 3rd-Class passenger who was found strapped to a door
Steward Harold Phillimore
Mr. Emilio Ilario Giuseppe Portaluppi, 2nd class passenger (there is some debate as to the validity of the claim that this person was rescued from the water.)

Charles Jouphlin, Chief Baker who famously drank enough cooking liquor to keep his blood thin enough to beat hypothermia. In actuality, he was able to climb aboard collapsible lifeboat B and this is most certainly what saved his life. He denied the alcohol rumor until his death.

The lifeboats approach the Carpathia, one at a time until they have all been brought on board. First Office Lightoller is the last survivor to embark on the Carpathia.


Two Titanic lifeboats aproach the Carpathia

Two Titanic lifeboats aproach the Carpathia


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