The Carpathia arrives in New York with Titanic’s victims on board   Leave a comment

On April 18, 1912 Carpathia docked at Pier 54 in New York with the Titanic survivors.  They arrived after dark, and were greeted by a group of thousands. The Travelers Aid Society of New York, the Women’s Relief Committee, and the Council of Jewish Women among other organizations were on hand to provide relief to Titanic’s victims in the form of clothing and transportation to shelters.

Carpathia dropped off the now empty Titanic lifeboats at Pier 59, before unloading the survivors at Pier 54. People were shocked that Titanic could sink with such great loss of life despite all of her technological advances.

The morning after the sinking, the White Star headquarters in Liverpool were filled with press and family members, desperate for word about their relatives. Since the officials were afraid to leave the building because of the emotional crowd, they updated them from the safety of their 4th floor balcony.  Newspapers were full of stories and descriptions of the disaster and were on hand to print the very latest updates.

Titanics lifeboats at the White Star Line pier

Titanics lifeboats are delivered to the White Star Line pier in New York City.


Pier 54 in New York City

Pier 54 in New York City


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