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Madame Aubart was aboard Titanic with her lover, Benjamin Guggemheim   Leave a comment

Name: Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart
Born: Friday, May 20, 1887
Age: 24 years
Last Residence: 17 Le Seuer Street Paris, France
Occupation: Singer
1st Class   passenger
First Embarked: Cherbourg on Wednesday, April 10, 1912
Ticket No. 17477, £69 6s ($109.75)
Cabin No.: B35
Rescued (lifeboat #9)
Disembarked Carpathia: New York City on Thursday, April 18, 1912
Died: Thursday, October 29, 1964

A Singer, Mme. Aubart lived at 17 Rue Le Sueur, in Paris, France. She was the mistress of millionaire Benjamin Guggenheim who was also aboard.

After coming aboard the Carpathia she sent the following telegram to Paris on April 18, 1912:

Aubart 42 rue Monge Paris
Moi sauvee mais Ben perdu (I’m saved but Ben lost) – Referring to her lover, Benjamin Guggenheim. Mrs. Guggenheim was at home in America.

Later in her life, it is said that Madame Aubart threw parties that had to be busted up by the police.


Lover of Benjamin Guggenheim

Madame Aubart


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