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Titanic’s sea trials began at 6 am on Monday, April 2, 1912, only 8 days before she was due to depart for her maiden voyage.  For her trials, Titanic had 78 stokers, greasers and firemen, and 41 crew members. Reps of companies such as Harold A. Sanderson, Thomas Andrews and Edward Wilding of Harland and Wolff. Bruce Ismay and Lord Pirrie were unable to attend. Jack Phillips and Harold Bride served as radio operator. Mr. Francis Carruthers, from the Board of Trade, was also present, to ensure that the ship was fit for passengers.

After the sea trials, Mr. Carruthers signed an agreement, valid for a year, which certified the ship as sea-worthy. After six hours of sea trials, Titanic left Belfast, Ireland at 12:00 pm for the 550 mile journey to Southampton, (where she would first depart with passengers) under the command of Captain Herbert Haddock.

The technoligally advanced Marconi radio room aboard Titanic

Titanic was ahead of time, technology wise

The photo above is of the very technologically advanced Marconi radio room aboard Titanic. Her radio signal was much stronger than any other ships at that time. Her radio operators were chastized by other ships, for sending out a loud signal, hurting the ears of other radio operators wearing headphones.


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