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100 years ago today, Titanic is making her way across the north Atlantic   Leave a comment

On this day, 100 years ago, Titanic was on the first leg of her journey across the north Atlantic. Between April 11 and April 12, she travelled 386 miles in good weather and calm seas.  Between April 12 and April 13 she travels 519 miles.  It was on the evening of April 12 that Titanic started getting the first of many ice warnings, but this was not unusual for April.

Meanwhile, the passengers aboard Titanic are enjoying her amenities and socializing on her many decks.  Titanic has some of the finest amenities in existence at that time.  Their goal was to make Titanic look more like a fine hotel than an ocean liner. The First Class section had a swimming pool, a gymnasium, squash court, Turkish bath, electric bath and a Verandah Cafe.  The passengers could also use the telephone system, a lending library and a barber shop.

One of Titanic’s most memorable features was the Grand Staircase or Grand Stairway. It descended through 5 decks of the ship, from the Boat Deck to the Reception Room and the First Class Dining Saloon. It had a dome made of wrought iron and glass that allowed in natural light. Each landing of the staircase accessed numerous halls that were adorned with gold plated light fixtures.  At the highest landing, there was a large wooden panel containing a clock, and figures of “Honor and Glory Crowning Time” around the clock face. The Grand Staircase was destroyed in the sinking and is now just a hole in the ship that is used to access the lower parts of the ship,by those investigating the wreck. During the filming of the movie Titanic in 1997, the detailed replica of the Grand Staircase floated up from its foundations by the water rushing onto the set. Some historians argue that during the sinking, the entire Grand Staircase was thrown upwards and out through the ornate dome.

The Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase


Titanic was tech savvy!   Leave a comment

The Titanic had the ultimate in luxury and opulence. Featured aboard were a telephone system, a large library and a barber shop.  The first class passengers had access to a swimming pool, a gymnasium, squash court, Turkish bath, and a Verandah Cafe. 1st rooms were decorated with wood paneling, top shelf furniture and decorations, while the 3rd class rooms had pine wall paneling and teak furniture.

Turkish baths were very popular past time of the well to do during this time.  On one of James Cameron’s many visits to the wreck, retrieving a sample of one of these tiles was on the to do list.  They were able to reach the Turkish Baths, and retrieve a tile sample.  The sample had not degraded a bit over the years, and looked just like it would have on the ship’s maiden voyage.

The Café Parisian offered cuisine for the 1st passengers, with a top deck veranda featuring trellis work. The ship was very technologically advanced for it’s time, featuring three elevators in 1st class and one in 2nd class. Titanic’s extensive electrical system was powered by several steam driven generators, powering lights and the two Marconi radios. One 5,000 watt Marconi radio was manned by two Marconi Company employees, working in shifts sending and receiving passenger messages 24/7.

1st class passengers paid a steep fee for these plush amenities; the most expensive one-way trans-Atlantic passage was $1363 equivalent to $30,917 in today’s terms!! Wow!


Turkish Baths

Just one small detail of the many amenities aboard Titanic

The photo above features the Turkish Baths aboard Titanic.